Solar Powered Highway Safety and Warning Signs

School crossing wigwags.


These solar powered highway safety ‘Wig Wag’ school crossing signs have been designed to meet the new 20 mph school zone requirements.

Using our patented “Lite Plaq” technology, these signs are slimline and pleasing to the eye, whilst providing an effective visual indication of active school crossing times and speed limitation.

They can be controlled using your existing timer devices or supplied with our “Theben” academic year timer which includes a simple to use software programme and a data transfer dongle.

The timer and LED driver are mounted on a galvanised steel tray that is sited in the base of the lighting column, thereby providing easy ground level access to the timer for school crossing times data transfer via the dongle.

The brilliance of the LED’s is controlled by a photo diode that adjusts the level of brightness relative to ambient light level variations to avoid dazzling drivers during darkness or overcast weather conditions.

A 30 mph illuminated sign is also available to accompany the 20 mph zone sign; this provides a visual indication as to the end of the 20 mph zone. This sign is only illuminated as and when the 20 mph zone sign is active. Ideally sited back to back with the 20 mph zone sign, the two signs can be controlled from a common timer.
Available in 240Vac mains or solar powered versions

  • Anti glare impact resistant vandal proof lens covers
  • Solid state LED printed circuit technology
  • Automatic ambient light level sensor to provide progressive brilliance control from bright sunlight to darkness
  • Pleasing slim-line side profile
  • Easy “Plug and Play” installation
  • Complies with Department of Transport Regulation 58 (6) in the TSRGD

We also offer a fitting and commissioning service at net cost dependant on the number of signs ordered and their particular location.

Download our school-crossing-lights pdf

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