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LED illuminated chevrons

Saturday, November 12th, 2011


Our LED Illuminated Chevrons are designed to guide the motorist around dangerous corners or roundabouts on the highway.

The arrows are profile cut from class 1 or class 2 reflective vinyl, additionally each arrow is illuminated with light emitting diodes that flash in sequence and also incorporate a time delay of 10 seconds to allow sufficient time to manoeuvre around the hazardous corner.

The chevrons are activated by any approaching vehicle as they enter the radar detection area. This radar detector can be set to any trigger speed in 5MPH increments.

The main body of the sign is dual skin aluminium and slotted into the purpose-made posts to provide a pleasing profile for 2/3/4 arrow units as a single sign.

Single arrow units are also available to facilitate spacing of up to 10 signs on large corners. They are sequentially activated by remote control from the master unit which incorporates the radar detector and sequential channel switching control.

LED illuminated chevrons – available in 240Vac mains or solar powered versions

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