How long does the solar powered street light remain on for?
The selective programmer can be set at a number of combinations i.e. up to 8 hours after dusk or up to 6 hours after dusk and 2 hrs before dawn.

How long does the solar battery last?
A typical solar energy deep cycle battery can last for a period of 5 years or more.

What is the warranty on the actual photovoltaic solar module?
Photovoltaic solar modules have warranties for periods of up to 25 years (depending on the manufacturer).

What is the typical stand alone solar powered system voltage?
All our solar powered photovoltaic systems have a 12V dc working voltage but some purpose designed bespoke systems have a 24V dc working voltage.

What is the function of a road traffic calming sign?
The sign switches on and illuminates a “SLOW DOWN” warning as well as an illuminated roundel displaying the appropriate speed limit, it also has four flashing amber wig wags at each corner of the sign.

How do the road safety traffic calming signs work?
They are activated by a radar operated moving vehicle detector (MVD) which can be set to any trigger speed from 5 – 80mph.

How long do the road safety signage LEDs (light emitting diodes) last?
LEDs last an average of about 50,000 hours and are not affected by the constant flashing of say for example School Crossing Lights that are commonly referred to as wig wags.

How are the school crossing wig wag signs controlled?
The school crossing wig wags are automatically activated during the selected times when the children are entering or leaving school. The times are programmed using a simple software programme on any PC, and then the data is saved on a “Dongle” type flash card. This data is fed into the timing devices installed in the base of each wig wag sign mounting pillar for easy access.

How are the 20mph school zone signs controlled?
The 20mph school zone signs are only active during school crossing patrol times and are set with the same type of software and dongle as the wig wag signage. Thereby allowing urban traffic to resume the appropriate speeds during the times the signs are inactive.

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