New Generation Driver Feedback Signs


These “driver feedback signs” are traffic calming devices that are proven to give drivers instant feedback as to their speed thereby encouraging a reduced speed where appropriate without the threat of a speeding conviction.

They provide an effective visual indication of approaching vehicle’s speed activated by a radar detection system which is coupled to a decoder that illuminates the LED’s (light emitting diodes) with the relative speed and sampled at 0.5 second intervals.

The detection range can be set at various distances as well as the trigger speed; the speed can be set to display MPH or KPH on a dip switch. To avoid encouraging young drivers from challenging each other to achieve the highest speed the sign can programmed to illuminate two dashes if the approach speed is greater than the programmed desired setting.

A photo diode that adjusts the level of brightness relative to ambient light level variations to avoid dazzling drivers during darkness or overcast weather conditions.

Using “Bluetooth” connectivity from a tablet PC, the signs can be set to different parameters. Moreover, the memory card stores the number of recorded overspeeds and the number of decelerating vehicles that are responding to the speed feedback, thereby providing useful data as to the effectiveness of the DFS at any particular location.



When a vehicle or motorcycle is travelling at a speed greater than the set threshold i.e. 30mph the LED’s indicate the speed in RED, whereas if the speed is 30 mph or lower the LED’s illuminate in GREEN.



A solar powered system is also available to enable our DFS signs to be sighted in locations where there is no mains electricity available.

The system includes the solar photovoltaic panel, the solar charge controller and deep cycle maintenance free solar battery.

We also supply the solar panel mounting system – please specify the column diameter you are using, we suggest a minimum of 89mm diameter to allow for the wind loading forces on the column.



Mains Powered is Elexon Coded

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